New Xbox Live Pricing

Apparently, they have released the new pricing for Xbox Live.

The packages start at US$7.99 for a basic 1 month subscription, and go all the way up to US$69.99 for a full 12 months. This last package, the “12 Month Premium Gold Pack”, is also the best value, with a headset, $20 game discount voucher, free Xbox Live arcade game, and 200 XBL marketplace points all being thrown in as extras. Once you take away the price of the headset ($19.99) and the games voucher ($20), it is really only costing you US$30 for the entire year including the arcade game and marketplace points.

Not bad. Not bad at all. I’m liking the 12 month option. I’m guessing Silver Membership is free for life. Wooopie!

Link: PlanetXbox360

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